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Portrait by my friend Anderson Cubillos

Hello there! I'm Zamir Bermeo ︎, a graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in Bogotá, Colombia. I have experience in graphic design, editorial illustration, animation, museography, and web design. I'm attracted to projects where I have the opportunity to generate ideas, create imaginaries and dreams. Currently, I'm working as a Design Lead for Huge INC.

Questions? Comments?
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Itsnicethat, OhMyCool, Unowork,, buhographic, U.Palermo.

Speaking Events
Ilustropik, Festival de ilustración Independiente - Bogotá, 2019.
Platzi, Illustration workshop feat Aura de Papel. Bogotá 2019.

Huge INC,  Google, Univision, El Tiempo, Soho, Revista Shock, Babbel Magazine, Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia, Universidad Nacional, Bacánika, Kompost tv, LaPost tv.

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